Encouraging big business to adopt development best practice

Myself and a colleague at work have managed it.

Well we are on the first step of a long road to adoption but I’m pretty happy so far! We’ve managed to persuade our part of business to pilot a Gerrit & Jenkins Continuous Integration environment. The director of this section has already said he will mandating it once we prove that it’s battle ready.

This means that all projects within our section will have to give us a good reason why they cannot:

Or they will be force to take up best practice (it’s best for a reason right!).

So the next steps are to set up our first project on the system, it’s a very distributed project with developers from three countries involved - which makes the peer-code reviewing even more important.

Here’s to making development better!

Feel free to ask me on twitter how it’s going so far - @florx.


We’re using Jenkins 2.0, with the Multibranch Pipeline support, using Docker to contain each of the builds and we love it! Now we just have to look for a decent open source issue tracker.


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